Free Android app for Non-profit organizations

TOSH BUSINESS SOLUTIONS provide free android apps for non profit organizations. This helps your organizations to reach more helping hands. As well as you can fulfill the needs of those who are really waiting for your help.


1. For whom this app is useful ?
Ans: For Non-profit organizations (mentioned in privacy policy) is useful 

2. Need to pay any amount for the app?
Ans: No, it's completely free

3. Is the app secure?
Ans: Yes, Highly secured and user friendly app. 

4. Is there a payment gateway?
Ans: No, you can accept through QR code in app or giving your account details

5) Is there any maintenance fee?
Ans: No, you can have only a server fee but it is very low cost.

6) What are the features of your app ?
  • Photo gallery and Video gallery
  • News
  • Share app
  • Contact us
  • Donate
7) If we have any questions, how to contact ?
Ans: Our phone number: 9515679578

Privacy policy

a) Who are eligible for this service: Non profit organizations who are providing necessary needs like food, clothes and footwear are eligible. 

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