Advertise in EMOWT APP

Advertise in EMOWT App

EMOWT is a program designed, developed and maintained by tosh business solutions. This is the best platform to advertise your business.

1. What are the advantages of EMOWT ads? And why should you consider Advertising in Emowt?

1) Your business can reach a large audience at a very low cost.
2) The conversion rate will be high because this is a trusted, safe, and genuine platform.
3) Build a brand name for your business.
4) Target specific location system.

2. For which category organizations or businesses EMOWT ADS are more useful.

Emowt ads are more useful for categories.

1) Trustes
2) Political surveys
3) Food businesses
4) Gift articles
5) Electronic sales
6) Tool based apps
7) News apps/ websites
8) Health tips based apps/websites
9) Home delivery based apps/ websites
10) For Ad agencies
       i) SEO traffic
       ii) YouTube traffic
       iii) Branding.
11) Tours and travels
12) Packers and movers
13) OTT apps
14) Many more…

3. What are EMOWT AD targeting types?

Emowt ADs has four target types:

1) Website visit.
2) YouTube video views.
3) App download.
4) Brand awareness.

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